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About Whale Services

The management and development staff at Whale Services has been in the business of providing top notch technical services since 1994.
To be in business that long you know we have had to see change after change and adapt rapidly to the latest and most innovative enhancements the world of technology could throw. Based out of Clearwater Florida we have always maintained our hometown attitude of talking to the customer and ensuring they are getting good value.

We are dedicated to you and your business.
As our slogan says, we are your digital business partner. We came into this business with the sole purpose of providing affordable technical and design services to all businesses. We want your business to succeed as much as you do. We dedicate ourselves to this very purpose and happily approach all requests with a sense of pride of partnership.

We provide personal service
When you contact Whale Services you wont be slipped into an endless loop of automated number pushing and waiting on the phone. We will either answer or we will call you back as soon as we are able.

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